The People Behind Reality Check


Kate Whitney
Reality Check Director

Kate oversees Reality Check's curriculum, speakers, satellites, and venues. Having had success in the entertainment business as a writer, director, producer, and actress, she is a masterful storyteller and communicator. She is dedicated to bringing Reality Check through as many doors as possible, informing and empowering the next generations to live healthy lives infused with integrity and purpose.

Charity Watts

Charity Watts
Reality Check Assistant Director

Charity and Kate make a formidable duo when it comes to operations and strategic expansion. Charity oversees Reality Check’s amazing volunteers and helps them utilize their gifts most powerfully. At Reality Check, she gets to fulfill her passion of inspiring and mobilizing youth and young adults to not only bring about change within their own lives, but within their community as well.


Mychal Creer

Mychal thrives on witnessing the potential of others come to life. He's a bold speaker, a referee, a coach, he's fluent in sign language and all of these skills make him a powerful communicator and facilitator. He has a strong passion for the youth and is dedicated to buiding them up.