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Dude, You Need to Save That Pillow Too!


Dude, You Need to Save That Pillow Too!

On numerous occasions I’ve heard a phrase that many men in barbershops, bars, and random dude conversations have said, and it goes something like this:

Having a daughter is God’s way of punishing you for all the bad things you did to women.

Those girls that we hurt, that ‘God will punish us for,’ are the same girls that can identify with the girl in the song. What if we as men held ourselves (and our sons) to a higher standard so that when we have daughters we don’t have to fear that karma is gonna get them—because of us?

But how do we change this? We have to encourage ourselves (men) to Save That Pillow too. It’s not only about not having sex, but it’s about valuing yourself and others too.

This is how it starts. You know those prom pictures, where you see the girl’s dad, uncles, and cousins holding guns to threaten the boy so he doesn’t have sex with the girl on prom night?

Now replace that image of violence with a photo of a man encouraging the boy to respect not only her, but himself…encouraging him to ‘Save That Pillow.’ These won’t just be photos; they’ll be real moments.

Instead of inciting fear and treating boys like animals, we encourage them to be men, and encourage them to respect themselves just like we do with the girls. Because the girls can’t do this alone, it requires both sides!

Men, when we begin to Save That Pillow ourselves and then share it with other young men, we wont need to be afraid of having daughters, and we won’t need to fear for them being taken advantage of.

Caitlyn wrote to “Save That Pillow”, and Lauryn Hill wrote “Guys, you know you better watch out, some girls are only about, that thing, that thing, that thing…” Let’s listen to both of these artists!

Finally, if telling a boy to ‘Save That Pillow” sounds too girly, give him the “Don’t Do It With Just Anybody, and Know Yourself and Your Worth” pillow. HAHA! But seriously.

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