Recent Stories from Parents:

"[This presentation gave me] new tools about teaching my children to generate identity and commit to personal boundaries.”

“I realize the importance of talking about this with my children since the culture we live in is not ashamed of talking about it. There is a danger of not addressing the issues with my children, and I now see the urgency.”

“The presentation reinforced my confidence because it is absolutely necessary to talk about; the statistics alone showed us how important it is to have an on-going dialogue with our kids.”

"Even though kids don’t feel comfortable talking about sex, we have to keep going. I am reminded of my responsibilities as a parent to share the truth with them. The statistics help me to know this is essential for my children’s well-being.”

Recent Stories from Students:



“This presentation was a definite wake up call.” (21 yr old male)

 “It made me realize that I should hold great expectations for myself and value myself more.” (16 yr old female)    

“I learned that a LOT of work goes into transforming women into models of magazine covers to the point that it is impossible for a person to live up to.” (15 yr old male) 



“It changed my opinion because I didn’t think there would be so many consequences. I was willing to be sexually active in high school before I knew all of this. Now I know I have to be more cautious.” (14 yr old female)

 “This presentation caused me to notice that the kid who almost made me lose my virginity was verbally abusing me.”  (14 yr old female) 



“I think it was really great. I liked how it was an open discussion and [the speakers] were very honest with us. This really helped me become more aware of the outcomes of having sex, and it helped me form my decisions. Awesome presentation.”

“It gives me more knowledge and makes me feel safe knowing there are people who can help me and that care. The speakers are my role models—I really look up to you guys.”

Recent Stories from Educators:

"Many students...are misinformed about sexually transmitted diseases from their peers. The “Reality Check” presentation was more than anticipated. It was empowering, uplifting, and motivating! Some of the girls had a physical to address some personal health concerns. As a result, they also were able to empower their fellow classmates who had been misinformed about various transmitted diseases."  

"Our students were able to gain insights on unplanned pregnancy...goal setting for the future, and the concept of marriage and committed relationships. [The] Reality Check speaker created a safe, comfortable space for our youth and answered all of their questions and concerns. Many of the youth who participate in the program have noted an improvement in their self-worth and respect for others."

"I would highly recommend Reality Check in any high school classroom hoping to reach students about healthy sexual behaviors. They have the ability and experience to improve students understanding in order to help them make informed decisions."