Reality Check presentations are available for youth of all ages, middle school through college. Presentations are age appropriate and tailored to the group.

All parents are encouraged to attend a parent workshop to gain insights and tools that will better equip them to have effective conversations with their children and family.

Presentations for Students:

Presentation 1

Sex & Your Future

Set goals, examine topics surrounding sex, discuss the possibilities of an unintended pregnancy—prevention, knowing the signs, how to navigate options

Presentation 2

Sex & Your Health

Consider the benefits of pacing relationships, building respect, and prioritizing clear communication, discuss STIs—common types, possible symptoms, and prevention

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Sex & the Media

Discuss the prevalence of media influence, evaluate personal use of technology, define the laws, effects, and dangers of sexting, sex-trafficking, and pornography

Presentation 5

Media & YOU

Discuss the positive and negative affects of media content, discover how to safely use all forms of media (the web, TV, video games, social media, and more) *Intended for 5th and 6th grades

Presentation 4

Healthy Relationships

Mark personal core values, compare qualities of love/lust/crush, set healthy boundaries, identify actions that signify abuse, explore the 4 pillars of a healthy relationship


Presentations for Parents:

Presentation 6

Parents Matter Most

Understand why parents don't talk to their kids about sex, learn tips on how to connect with your child, and receive an introduction of our 4 core presentation series

Presentation 7

The Empowered Parent

A two-night series to explore the following: Parenting goals, the teen—body, brain, and social world, effective communication, and valuing you child