The People Behind Reality Check


Meghan Harris
Reality Check Director

Meghan oversees Reality Check's curriculum, speakers, licensees, and venues. She has a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and was a professional dancer for several years. It was within the entertainment industry that Meghan grew a passion for supporting the women of Los Angeles, specifically with issues such as identity, relationships, and sexuality. She has a desire to see youth and young adults feel heard and understood in their sexual and relational journeys, while helping them discover better ways to navigate life with purpose and integrity.



CC is a Los Angeles born native who is a professional photographer, stunt actor and video editor working in the film and entertainment industry. She is passionate about helping youth and young adults understand their individuality and see their weaknesses as strengths. She believes that through love, creativity and honesty, there are no wounds that cannot be healed and no mountains that cannot be climbed. 


laura olear

Laura grew up to appreciate the diversity and uniqueness in others. She received her bachelor’s degree in Business Management from Cal State Northridge, and a Master of Business Administration from Cal State L.A. Laura loves working with youth and desires to spread awareness about sex trafficking and support women affected by the adult entertainment industry. Her dream is to see lives transformed and hope restored.


Steven Cox

Steven is a west coast native and actor who loves surfing and story telling. He can be seen on TV shows such as NCISLethal WeaponYou're the Worst and most recently YouTube Originals such as The Thinning, and Me and My Grandma. After experiencing tremendous healing from past emotional pain, failed relationships, and feeling completely lost, Steven is excited to be a voice to the younger generation for truth, goodness, and beauty; especially when it comes to personal health, relationships, and sexuality.